Keystone Harley-Davidson®
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Keystone Harley-Davidson® 5,000 Mile Maintenance

Keystone Harley-Davidson® 5,000 Mile Maintenance


  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks 
  • Inspect air cleaner and service as required
  • Check tire pressure and inspect tread 
  • Check tightness of wheel spokes 
  • Replace transmission lubricant
  • Check clutch adjustment 
  • Check primary chain adjustment 
  • Inspect rear belt and sprockets and adjust belt
  • Check, adjust, and lube throttle, brake enrichers and clutch controls 
  • Inspect fuel valve, lines, and fittings for leaks 
  • Check brake fluid levels and condition
  • Inspect brake pads and discs for wear 
  • Check front brake lever pin 
  • Check brake caliper pins
  • Check brake caliper boots and bushings 
  • Check rear master cylinder outer boot 
  • Check spark plugs
  • Check operation of electrical equipment & switches 
  • Check & adjust engine idle speed 
  • Inspect shock absorbers
  • Road Test